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Common sense of printing color

Time:2020-03-10 Views:10
Common sense of printing color
The picture is displayed on the computer screen in RGB color mode, the color is brighter, and the printed color mode is CMYK. Different color modes are normal. And the printed color will be affected by the strength of the paper and light source, so there will be a slight color difference between the actual printing effect and the computer screen display effect.
1. The fill color setting is always CMYK, not special colors or RGB.

2. The color of the basemap color should not be less than 8%, otherwise the color is too light to print.

3. When the light shade of the upstream shade of the background color is less than 25%.

4. K100% black color blocks or lines are all black direct pressure, there must be no other colors, so as to avoid overlapping, please do not set overprint for other colors.
5. Do not use C100%, M100%, Y100%, K100% four-color black fills, or fills with a total tone value of more than 250%, so as to prevent the ink from drying out and causing smearing or smearing.

6. The color of the screen and inkjet prints cannot be used as the printing color sample. For those who have strict color requirements, please attach samples for printing, otherwise the printer will not return the product due to color difference.

7. The same document, printed in different times, the problem of printing and controlling the amount of ink, the color has a gap, the color difference of about 10% is normal.

8. For reprinting of old files, the correct color samples must be attached for printing and color matching to avoid excessive color difference.
9. Repeated prints should be printed with color samples each time. In case of: apple green, dark coffee, purple, orange, strong metal color, gradient red, etc., you need to add 50 ~ 100 squares to avoid color difference. .

10. Due to the processing of the film, the color will be darker. If you need to highlight the color, adjust the color in the document.
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