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Isn’t the more expensive the picture book printing the better?

Time:2021-04-17 Views:30
Isn’t the more expensive the picture book printing the better?
Designs such as flocking and gold edging are thought to be higher-end and better-looking brochures. However, the choice of paper box craftsmanship is precisely the best. 

The design before the printing of the picture album needs to take into account subsequent production requirements and process requirements. If the booklet is not thick, the P number is not much, generally it is a saddle stitch, the p number needs to be a multiple of 4, and the content arrangement needs to be reasonably distributed; paper; In terms of choice, it does not necessarily mean that special paper is considered high-end. If some special papers are selected improperly, they will have no effect after adding certain processes or cannot be done with certain processes. 

The cover design documents of some or books are well made, ordinary Coated paper plus a simple matte lamination process can achieve a lot. For the selection of the subsequent process, it is not that the more processes the more complex the better, the most important thing is to choose the essence of the designer and the effect you want to achieve. The cost of the craft is very high, as long as the start-up fee is indispensable, especially for some small orders, the cost is evenly distributed to a single album, which is quite expensive.
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