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Mode of transportation in the international trade.

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Mode of transportation in the international trade.

In international trade, the delivery of import and export commodities is done through various modes of transportation. The types of transportation methods include:
  1, ocean transportation
   is abbreviated as sea transportation. It is a mode of transportation that uses cargo ships to transport goods between domestic and foreign ports through certain routes and shipping areas.
  2, railway transportation
   Railway transportation can be divided into two types: international railway freight transportation and domestic railway freight transportation:
  1) International rail freight transportation
Whenever a unified international multimodal transport bill is used, the railway is responsible for the entire transportation through the railways of two or more countries, and when the goods are transferred from one country’s railway to another, the consignor and consignee do not need to participate. This kind of transportation is called international rail freight transportation. For example, in recent years, the international rail transport business of the New Eurasian Continental Bridge from Lianyungang in my country to Rotterdam in the Netherlands.
   2) Domestic railway combined transport
  Domestic railway transportation refers to the transportation of goods only within the country in accordance with the provisions of the "Domestic Railway Freight Transport Regulations". my country‘s export goods are transported by rail to the port for loading and imported goods are unloaded and transported to various places by rail, which all belong to the scope of domestic railway transportation.
  3, air transportation
  Main transportation methods:
  1) Airline transportation
   2) Charter flight
  3) Consignment
   4. Parcel transportation
   The procedures for postal parcel transportation are simple, and the cost is not too high, but the transportation volume is limited, so it is only suitable for light and small goods.
   International postal parcel transportation has the nature of international multimodal transport and "door-to-door" transportation. my country has signed postal transport agreements and postal parcel agreements with many countries, which provides favorable conditions for my country to develop postal and parcel transportation of foreign trade goods.
   5. International multimodal transport
It is a comprehensive and coherent transportation method developed and developed on the basis of container transportation. It generally uses containers as a medium to organically combine various traditional single transportation methods by sea, land and air to form a Coherent international transportation.
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