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Questions from Clients

Time:2021-06-24 Views:26
1. Why is there a big difference in the price of the same printed matter?
The price of printing consists of the following parts: the full price of the paper used, design fees, plate-making fees (including film), proofing fees, printing (PS version), printing fees, and post-processing fees.
The price of seemingly identical printed matter is different because of the difference in materials and craftsmanship. In short, printed matter still follows the principle of "you get what you pay for".

2. Why is the printed thing different from the computer display?
This is a computer display problem, and the color value of each monitor is different. Especially liquid crystal displays. Let’s compare two computers in our company: one of them is double-hundred red,
and the other looks as if it’s 15 more black, but it’s actually the same.

3. What is very clear when I look at it on the computer, why is it blurred when printed?
The computer display is composed of millions of colors, and even the lighter colors can be presented, and the vision given to people is quite clear; while printing is a complex process, through the process of output, plate making, etc.
In this process, if the picture If the color (CMYK value) is lower than 5% in some places, it will not be displayed during plate making. In this case, the color will be ignored. Therefore, what is printed is not as clear as what is displayed by the computer.
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