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Special Techniques

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Special technology
Now more than ever, you can complete many coating options online on your offset press. With these choices, there will be innovative production processes, giving you greater creative freedom. An understanding of the basics will give you the information you need to make the best choice for your design and budget.

Varnish is a transparent ink film that provides gloss and protection to printed sheets. Varnishes can be used cheaply as spot varnishes or flood varnishes. Spots are varnishes applied to specific areas of the paper, while flood varnishes are applied to the entire paper. In order to use varnish, they set up a unit on the printing press like ink, so a printing plate was needed. Shiny, matt and satin varnishes are available and can be used alone or in combination to create a contrast effect. Varnishes are also protective agents used to minimize fingerprints, markings and chalking. On matte, matte, uncoated and C1S paper stocks, it seals the ink to improve abrasion resistance. When used on uncoated paper stock, it is absorbed into the paper and is not visible. If you want to produce greater contrast or enhance the performance of varnishes on dull or shiny blanks, you can consider using dry pitting. Dry pitting simply means that after the colored ink is printed, the paper is allowed to dry before printing the varnish through a printing press. This second pass provides better retention and reduces the possibility of varnish absorption into the ink.

Aqueous coating
Water-based coatings are similar to varnishes, but are water-based substances. The water-based coating is applied by a coating tower on the press, and no printing plate for overall coating is required. The water-based appearance and behavior is very similar to varnishes, with the same gloss, but more cost effective when used as a whole. Water blankets can be purchased for field applications.

UV coating
Another option to consider is UV coating. The printing press must be equipped with UV lamps to cure these coatings. Compared with varnishes and water-based coatings, UV coatings have better protection and reflection characteristics, as well as gloss and dull gloss. With larger dark solid print coverage, fingerprints are more pronounced on paper printed with glossy UV.

Special coating
By utilizing various combinations of varnishes and coatings, printers can produce dramatic effects. Through-print technology is a technology achieved through the use of varnishes and coatings to maximize the visual contrast between the coated areas and create eye-catching work. The textured coating has a certain size and can be applied topically or dip-coated to provide an accessible finish to simulate the appearance of leather, frosted glass, skin, wood, sandpaper, metal or fabric. The soft touch coating has a soft, soft feel, creating a unique touch, and can also be spot or dip coated.
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