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The influence of paper factor on book printing

Time:2020-05-30 Views:194

The influence of paper factor on book printing

Book printing now faces a great challenge. On the one hand, the weakness of paper publications has led to the competition of book printing; on the other hand, the rapid expansion of electronic media and the emergence of e-books have squeezed a large part of the book printing market. In such a deteriorating market environment, book printing enterprises should pay more attention to the grasp of every detail in the business process, such as the choice of paper.

Industry analysis, paper factors on the impact of book printing, first of all, the smoothness of the paper is not good on the impact of book printing. In order to obtain good printing product quality, the smoothness of the paper is a necessary condition, it is in the printing process, the paper surface and inked blanket surface contact, affecting the ink transfer is comprehensive, whether the text and text are clear.

Secondly, the paper compression deformation characteristics of the book printing. For printing paper, not only to have a good compression deformation, but also to be suitable for multiple color printing, in the moment after the pressure is removed, there is a quick recovery. This is because in the printing process, the paper in the printing pressure under the action of deformation, can produce a buffer effect, the paper and rubber roller, to a good contact, so that the ink can be evenly transferred.

The surface strength of the paper also has an impact on book printing. In the process of printing, if the surface of the printing paper is poor, the surface of the paper and the inked blanket separation, ink separation force is greater than the paper surface particles of the binding force, the edge of the printed text and text, you will see the white edge or printed false, false hair phenomenon, this is the phenomenon of printing in the hair. 

Therefore, before the book printing, technical personnel in the use of the printing paper out of the warehouse to strictly check the smoothness of the paper, compression deformation characteristics, surface strength, etc., to avoid the printing paper quality, affecting the quality of the printed products.

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