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Which lamition is the best for your book cover?

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Which lamition is the best for your book cover?

what is lamition on cover ?
Lamination is the technique/process of manufacturing a material in multiple layers, so that 

the composite material achieves improved strength, stability, sound insulation, appearance 

or other properties from the use of differing materials.

What is the function of lamination?
Here are some benefits of lamination for your book :
1.Protect book cover
lamination protects the paper substrate against spills, stains and abrasions, thus 
increasing the longevity and usefulness of the book.

2.Make cover color more vivid
a gloss laminate adds depth and vibrancy to the underlying ink colors, which attracts 
attention and stimulates interest.

3.Create distinction
Cover lamination provides the final toughc that makes your book stand out from the crowd.

4.Increase the strength of the cover
Lamination film adds thickness and rigidity to the cover, which helps guard against tears, 
creases and wrinkles.

5.Save cost 
Comparing hardcover ,lamination on softcover is economical when protecting the book cover.

Which lamination you can choose when print book?
Lamination is the best way to enhance the appearance and function of a book.There are 
several normal chioce when it comes to the lamination client can choose for their book 

1.Glossy lamination
The glossy, reflective finish grabs attention and implies a richer product. Gloss laminate 
is durable in that it repels dust, dirt and fingerprints. Even when it does come into 
contact with surface dirt, it is easily wiped clean. Gloss is the standard for trade paperbacks.
If you want to make cover shinny ,you can choose Glossy lamination .

2.Matt lamination
Lamination is the process of applying a thin layer of plastic to paper or card sheets to 
enhance and protect the printed matter.
If you like matt ,you can choose Matt laminate .

3.Touching lamination
Soft Touch film combines the softness of a rose petal with the strength of premium laminate 
film. In reality, it is actually a durable, scuff-resistant ultra-matte laminate that will protect and
enhance premium prints and packaging products. Soft Touch film provides a vivid 
color clarity
which surpasses that of any standard matte laminating film, along with a rich 
textural feel.Touching
lamination is special ,so it is more expensive than glossy lamination or matt 

4.Anti-scuff matt lamination/Matt scuff-resistant lamination 
Anti-scuff lamination does exactly what it says on the tin – it prevents any unwanted scuffs and
marks from showing up on laminated surfaces where this has been the finish of 
choice.With this
matt finish, dirty fingerprints will be kept at bay and will leave your 
print with a clean appearance.
This durable print finish is ideal for brochures, folders 
and other print products which need to be
kept looking pristine, and is also handy for 
items which will be used repeatedly.It is more expensive
than normal matt lamination .

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