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7 elements to pay attention to when reviewing color manuscripts

Time:2023-10-18 Views:541
1. Color manuscript material. Color manuscripts have hand-painted color manuscripts, printed color manuscripts, etc., no matter what kind of material, as the basis for color separation, you must check the percentage of each color, if the color is too different from the concave sample color book, to make it clear to the customer.

2. Color of the color manuscript. It is generally composed of black, blue, red, yellow and white, and one to three spot colors are used in special cases, and there are also full spot colors.

3. Spot colors must be provided with color codes, or marked with standard colors. If there is a spot color hanging net, it must be marked which color is the solid base, that is, 100% spot color; If the original spot color is changed to intermediate color or compound color, you should explain the difference between spot color and intermediate color and compound color to the customer.

4. If there is no color manuscript, the black and white manuscript must be marked with color or a color label to check the color.

5. Small text, fine lines shall not be overprinted, small trademarks shall not be multi-color overprinted, and pay attention to discoloration when pressing color.

6. It is not easy to see the white version on the color manuscript, so the white version must be carefully reviewed and made clear.

7. When the film is used as the basis for color, it must be supported by the glue sample of this set of film.
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