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The blending method and color principle of color printing ink

Time:2023-12-14 Views:450
The deployment of color printing ink is very important, is to grasp a principle - try to use the same type of color printing ink, the same type of auxiliary materials. If the color printing ink "05" is selected, the auxiliary material should also be matched to improve the printability of the color ink. In addition, the number of primary color inks should be used as little as possible, and if two primary color inks can be matched, do not use the third one, so as not to reduce the brightness of the ink and affect the vividness of the color. Color printing ink deployment is divided into two kinds, one is dark ink deployment, that is, the use of three primary colors or intermediate colors of the original ink, without any diluent to deploy out of the ink; The other is light-colored ink, that is, adding diluent to the original ink to prepare the ink.

The blending method and color principle of color printing ink. According to the color of the original manuscript, determine what color printing ink color to use, and then take the appropriate amount of various colors of ink, and put it on the ink table for a small amount of deployment. When deploying, we should grasp a principle, that is, gradually add dark ink to light ink. Cut can not take the first deep ink and then add light ink, because the color of light ink is poor, if you use the method of adding light ink to the dark ink to deploy, it is not easy to adjust the color, often make the amount of color printing ink more and more, which is not desirable. When the color of the color printing ink is adjusted to the color of the original manuscript, you can use the printing paper to scrape the ink sample and compare it with the original manuscript, if there is color deviation, add color correction until it meets the printing sample.

After the color printing ink hue is adjusted, their respective weight can be calculated in order to proportionally adjust the batch. If the three primary inks are used to prepare dark inks, their change rules should be mastered to improve the ink mixing effect. If the three primary color printing ink is mixed in equal amounts, the color obtained is approximately black; The two primary colors in the three primary color printing inks are equal or unequal temperature adjustment, and a variety of intermediate colors can be obtained, and the hue tends to the color fruit with a large content ratio; Three primary color printing inks can be mixed in various proportions to obtain multiple colors. If black ink is added to any color printing ink, its brightness will inevitably decline so that the color becomes darker. If white ink is added, its brightness will be improved. Intercolor and compound color can be composed of three primary color printing inks, but in order to facilitate deployment and minimize the number of ink types, you can use intercolor primary color printing inks.

When deploying multi-color printing ink, we should grasp the color principle, and must not take "this color adds, that color adds" to test the tone. If the blue phase of light lake green ink should be sky blue or peacock blue, do not use dark blue to adjust, because dark blue ink with red taste, after adding will inevitably make the color gray and not bright. In the same way, you can not add red dark yellow ink, should be used green light yellow ink. For example, when mixing orange red ink, you can not choose rose red ink, because it has a blue taste, and the green composed of blue and yellow is a complementary color of red, which will make the ink lack of bright color.

In the preparation of multi-color printing ink, if the use of complementary color law to correct the color bias, the color mixing effect will be better. If the purple flavor of some compound color printing ink is too heavy, yellow ink can be added to correct it; If the red taste is too heavy, it can be corrected by adding green ink, which can play a role in adding less and adjusting the color effect. If the black ink is yellowish and the blackness is not enough, a trace amount of light blue can be added as a color extraction material, because light blue is blue ink with red light, and it is also the result of complementary color.
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