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The rainy season is coming, how do printing companies carry out paper moisture-proof?

Time:2024-06-11 Views:194
1、Keep the storage room dry and control the humidity

If conditions permit, the printing company can increase the dehumidifier or open a small fan to increase the convection. If necessary, enterprises can prepare some desiccant and other supplies, which can effectively reduce the damage caused by humid air to kraft paper.

2、Regularly check whether the bottom card is damaged and prevent direct contact between the paper and the ground

The height of the card should be more than 10 cm. The board should be a whole plate, not a strip. This can greatly reduce the area of direct contact between kraft paper and humid air, so as to achieve the effect of moisture resistance.

3、The envelope should be solid, not just formal work

The sealing film should be carried out simultaneously with the card plate, which plays a crucial role in ensuring whether the sealing film is standardized and strict, and whether the contact between water vapor and kraft paper can be blocked to the maximum extent. After opening the package, if it is not used up, the remaining raw materials should be enclosed and sealed with the enclosing film in time to reduce the contact time between the paper and the humid air.

4、There should be a large gap between the paper placement and the card board to facilitate air circulation

After the day clears up, enterprises can open the Windows to speed up indoor air circulation and discharge the moisture in the warehouse.

The most important thing is to prepare for a rainy day. As long as we finish the preventive measures, strictly according to the process of operation, it is completely able to avoid the occurrence of such incidents as kraft paper moisture.
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