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Basic knowledge of printing color

Time:2020-04-14 Views:19

Basic knowledge of printing color

The printed matter is divided into monochrome printing and color printing. .
Monochrome printing refers to the use of one-plate printing, which can be black plate printing, color plate printing, or spot color printing. Spot color printing refers to a special color required as a special color in the poison-specific modulation design, which is completed by one-plate printing.
Monochrome printing is widely used, and it will also produce rich and rich tones to achieve a satisfactory effect. In monochrome printing, you can also use color paper as the base color. There is a special charm.
In monochrome printing, the deepest solid base is 100%; white is 0%, during which different shades of gray are made with different dots, that is, using percentage control. In order to facilitate reading, inverse white characters are usually applied in the dark gray tones of 5% to 100% j, while black characters are used between 5% and 0%, but should also be considered according to the difference of monochrome.
Color printing can print full-color pictures. This printing method mostly uses a color separation version to reflect various hue. The color separation version is mostly composed of red (M), yellow (Y), blue (C) and black (K) four-color network cables. According to the principle of color separation, the hue of the color separation version can be directly indicated by text, and the number of CMYK dots in the color spectrum can be counted.
The color of the text or graphics desired in the design can be checked with the color code for the MYK value of each color. However, some special colors, such as gold, silver and fluorescent colors, cannot be composed of four-color ink overprint, and must be printed with a spot color ink.
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