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Coronavirus Impact on the Printing Industry.

Time:2020-03-25 Views:39
Due to the outbreak, many companies have stopped production.
However, due to effective measures taken by the Chinese government, the epidemic situation has now been basically controlled. People only need to wear masks and take their body temperature for daily travel.
We have lifted the state of emergency and everything is back to normal levels. And even Wuhan‘s traffic has been restored.
Our company understands the relationship between the epidemic situation . your company‘s salesperson is not working, but China has returned to normal. So maybe your company can place an order to us to do it , and international logistics will be affected. By that time, the shipping time will be longer. If you place order now , we can finish and   send it out first, and you will receive it when the epidemic passes.  Then you can start your sales. At this time, the books of other customers may not have started, but yours are ready for sale. So that you are a big step ahead of others in time.
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