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CTP plate making process

Time:2021-06-26 Views:22

CTP plate making process

1. Customer file input
Before the document is input, the printing clerk must communicate with the customer well. It is necessary to explain to the customer what type of file format can be accepted by the CTP output device, so the input files need to be filled with formats so that the plate making device can recognize and use, and can be transmitted in the form of media required by the packaging and printing manufacturer (such as: software , Network transmission or local area network transmission). The file is loaded into the workflow, and the software in the system should enable it to be displayed in the customer‘s view. The file can be proofed in the printing plant or transmitted back to the customer in electronic form for proofing.
2. Image preparation
After processing images and graphics, convert them into a model acceptable to the CTP system.
3. Pre-check
Once the printing plant receives the document, the first step is to pre-check the document, which is to check whether the document conveyed to the CTP device is correct, check the required font and image in the document, check and identify the damaged part of the document and any other possible existence The problem is to find the problem as early as possible to avoid unnecessary errors and slow production in the later stage.
4. Imposition and color registration
According to the requirements of folding method, printing format, printing method, typesetting position, etc., complete the page stitching, and divide it into different color plates according to the color.
5. Format conversion and color registration
After the file pre-check is completed, the imposition file is decomposed into a file format that can be recognized by the CTP through the computer, and the entire file is decomposed into different colors and the size and location of each dot on the color printing plate. When the information is delivered to the CTP, the laser will form dots at various positions on the printing according to the information of each color printing plate.
6. Digital proofing
Since the CTP process does not use an offset plate, the traditional film proofing method cannot be used. The current simulated printed color is used for proofing with a color printer. Digital proofing proofs are being gradually accepted by customers and printing companies as quality promises or final proofs to customers. Since there is no color screen adjustment and proofing, it is difficult to detect potential moire faults in screen printing, check printing quality, and reduce printing failures. For products with higher requirements, digital proofing drafts are generally not used for printing. Comparing the samples, in actual production, the customer still needs to sign the samples on the machine.
7. Printing operators
For the proof proofs that have been approved by the customer, any errors in the files must be corrected before the plate is made.
8. After the plate making is completed
Quality inspections are also required. These inspections include exposure, resolution, and changes in outlets.
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