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FSC-Forest Stewardship Council

Time:2020-04-20 Views:19

FSC-Forest Stewardship Council

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a stakeholder-owned system whose purpose is to promote responsible global forest management. It is to provide standard setting, trademark guarantees, accreditation services and market access to companies and organizations responsible for forest interests. As of January 2006, FSC has accredited 15 certification agencies, and certified companies have the right to use the FSC logo.

FSC certification is divided into;

1.Forest Management (FM)

2. Natural forest.

3. Artificially planted forest

4. Chain-of-Custody (coC).

FSC‘s P & C is combined with national laws and international laws. The purpose of FSC is to improve, not to replace the forest management regulations used in the world.

FSC will engage in training activities to enhance consensus on the following important aspects:

1. Improve forest management

2. Include management and production costs in forest product prices

3.Accelerate the most effective and best use of forest resources.

4. Reduce damage and waste

5. Avoid excessive consumption and excessive logging

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