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Silk screen

Time:2019-12-18 Views:7

                                 Silk screen


Silk screen is screen printing, which means that the logo is leaked onto the printed gift through a special mesh. Silk screen printing has many advantages and is widely used in gift logo printing.

1. Can be printed on the surface of various shapes of articles;

2. The layout is soft and the printing pressure is small, which will not damage the substrate itself; 

3. Thick screen ink, strong adhesion.

4. Applicable to various types of inks, which can be printed in single color, can also be registered or screen printed for color printing;

5. Strong light resistance, light resistant and fluorescent pigments can be added to the ink;

6. Plate making is convenient and the price is cheap.

Production process: manuscript → base plate → screen plate → plate printing → development → drying → printing → inspection → finished product

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