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An excellent print is closely related to the design draft

Time:2020-06-06 Views:54
An excellent print is closely related to the design draft
In recent years, with the development of printing technology and the introduction of equipment, the quality of paper, ink and other consumables has been improved and the products have been replaced. In general, the quality of printed products has been significantly improved and improved, and printed products that have won international awards continue to emerge. However, the mass response to printed matter still inevitably causes one or another quality problems. Why is this? Recently, a domestic research on the leading online flat brushing platform to Tutu.com shows that 45% of the print quality problems with the album as an example Design manuscripts, paper and other printing materials account for 25%, and printing equipment, consumables and management issues only account for about 10%.

It is understood that the design manuscript affects the printing quality, which is a problem that has long plagued enterprises. The main reason is that the designers of some enterprises do not understand the precautions of printing design, and the printing plant does not undertake the design tasks. Changing the picture network as an intermediate platform can solve the problems of design and printing for the enterprise. To a certain extent, the printing quality problems caused by the design are avoided. Therefore, it is very important to master the professional and standardized design method. According to the staff of the production department of Gaitu.com, there are four main problems in the design draft: irregular color use; irregular typesetting; low picture pixel quality and wrong content. So what are the particulars about the design draft for printed matter?

1. The text on the page must be >3mm from the cutting edge to avoid being cut during cutting. Due to the needs of the group version, the documents designed with the Mac will be converted to PC format.
2. The text must turn to a curve or outline. Do not use system characters for text. If you use it, it will cause white nodes at the intersection of strokes. After the text is turned into a curve, please pay attention to whether there is a jump or overlap between the characters or lines. If there is a white node at the intersection of strokes, it can be dealt with by broken instructions.
3. Don‘t use overprinting and filling for black text.
Overprint filling: it means that the filled color is overprinted on the background color, and the background color will not leak.
Overprint frame: refers to the color of the frame superimposed on the background color, the background color under the frame will not leak.
4. The color of the shading or basemap should not be lower than 10% to avoid the inability to present it when printing the finished product.
5. In CoreIDRAW, images and photos must be input in TIFF file format and CMYK mode, not in PSD file format.
6. All input image images, separated drop shadows and objects using transparency, filter material filling or POWERCLIP, please transfer the bitmap again in CoreIDRAW (color is CMYK32 bit, resolution is 300dpi, reverse (The color profile of the sawtooth compensation transparent background is ticked). In order to avoid the Masek image during the group version.
7. If you want to shrink the bitmap by adjusting the nodes, please turn the bitmap again (the options are the same as before) to avoid being partially covered when the bitmap is output. For objects processed using CorelDRAW‘s "filter effects", please also turn the bitmap (options as before) once, to be sure.
8. For all input or self-drawn graphics, the thickness of the wire frame should not be less than 0.1mm, otherwise the printed matter will cause a broken or unpresentable situation. In addition, the wire frame cannot be set to "zoom with image", otherwise an irregular wire frame will be formed during printout.
9. When the gradual objects are placed in the frame for accurate cutting, please convert them to a bitmap (the method is the same as point 6), because the gradation of the placed frame and other object groups are then rotated, the gradual The direction of the layers does not rotate together. In addition, no gradient object can set the "edge width", because the interpretation of the output machine is different, sometimes it will cause insufficient filling of the gradient edge.
10. Pay special attention to any pictures, color blocks or lines beyond the production size, please put them in the picture frame. Don‘t cover it with white color blocks, so as not to cause confusion during the combined version.
11. After the above precautions are completed, a final check must be made. Click on "Text Information" in the options of the CoreIDRAW file to display all the data of the document, including whether the text has been turned into a curve, and whether the bitmap is CMYK. Whether the color and frame are completely CMYK color mode, do not use RGB color. Is the frame still set to "zoom with image" and so on.
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