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Printing factory ten printing dust removal method

Time:2024-07-09 Views:56
Tape winding paper feed wheel dust removal method

Tape dust removal is to wrap double-sided tape or fiber tape around the paper feed wheel and dust removal is carried out through the viscosity of the tape. The method has the advantages of obvious early dust removal effect and convenient installation. The disadvantage is that after a period of use, more paper scraps will stick to the tape to form a hard block, and the face paper will be pressed out of the concave point, which is easy to fall on the cardboard, resulting in printing paste or white. Therefore, after a period of use, it is necessary to clean the dust on the wheel.

Tape on board dust removal method
When the printing plate is stuck by dust, resulting in the printing of white, the double-sided adhesive to the position of the printing leakage, and then printing. Dust on the plate can be removed with double-sided tape to avoid wiping the plate. The downside is that it may stick to the printed page or elsewhere.

Straight brush dust removal method

The printing press is generally a row of brush, but the brush needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly, otherwise it will cause brush wear due to too long use time, resulting in the loss of dust removal function of the brush. It is recommended to change the row of brush of the printing press into a double row of brush to make the dust removal effect better.

Cylinder brush dust removal method

Generally, a printing unit is added, and two brush rollers are installed on it. The speed of the brush is lower than the speed of the equipment, and the dust removal is carried out through the rotation speed difference of the brush, but the investment is relatively large.

Dusting with water

In winter, you can install a whole block of printing plate in the first color, and then put water on it, and clean the dust of the cardboard through the water on the printing plate, and the cardboard is not easy to burst. The disadvantage is that it is easy to deink after printing, and it takes a long time to clean the mesh roller.

Equipment cleaning and dust removal method

Because the dust in the cardboard workshop is relatively large, the paper ash is easy to fall into the top of the printing press and the machine baffle, which is a problem that many enterprises are prone to occur. The equipment is not cleaned in time, and the long-term accumulation of a lot of dust on the top of the equipment will cause vibration when the equipment is started, and the dust will fall into the cardboard or printing plate, resulting in poor printing, so the equipment cleaning is very important.

Ground sprinkling dust removal method

The main source of dust on the ground is the slotting unit, and the paper ash generated during the slotting process is easy to fly inside the equipment, so water should be sprayed on the ground of the equipment, so that the paper ash will not fly up again when it falls into the ground. This method is relatively simple to use.

Suction pipe dust removal method

Install a row of suction devices on the side of the brush, and extend the suction port across the width of the press. You can also close the individual suction pipe and remove dust by adjusting the suction force.

Paper board empty running dust removal method

The paper board directly through the printing press unit while running empty dust, and then printing. The disadvantage is relatively time-consuming, the cardboard is easy to crush, please use as appropriate.

Removal and dusting method

This method is the simplest and the most time-consuming, and the results are relatively good. It is a piece of cardboard with a brush, after finishing and then printing. Cardboard can be used when the number is small, and it is extremely time-consuming.
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