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The high temperature weather continues, in order to ensure normal production, how to ventilate the printing workshop

Time:2024-07-01 Views:83
Printing shop cooling

In actual production, the following measures can be taken to cool the workshop.

1. Install chiller/environment-friendly air conditioner solution

The number of chillers can be calculated according to the plant area (according to 1 /150m2), and the number of air supply vents can be reasonably designed, with an average interval of 1 ~ 2m; Environmental protection air conditioning uses wet curtain evaporation technology, through the fan, so that the machine produces negative pressure, the outdoor air through the wet curtain and moisture sufficient contact to reduce sensible heat, so as to achieve cooling, ventilation, dust filtration, increase the air oxygen content of the effect, and environmental protection air conditioning for 100m2 cooling only consumes 1 KWH of electricity, air volume can reach more than 18000m³ per hour. It can be cooled by 4-15° after opening for 1 minute, which can meet the ventilation and cooling needs of the workshop.

2. Installation of cooling unit scheme

The cooling unit is suitable for those enterprises that cannot install chiller because there is no space or load bearing wall can not bear, or enterprises that need dual-use heating and cooling.

3. Install the negative pressure fan/industrial large fan solution

When the negative pressure fan is working, it is necessary to set up an exhaust outlet in the workshop to discharge the hot air and dirty gas inside the workshop through the exhaust outlet. At the same time, an air intake is set outside the workshop to introduce fresh air into the workshop. When the negative pressure fan starts to work, it will breathe the air inside the workshop into the equipment, forming a negative pressure environment, so as to promote fresh air into the workshop and achieve ventilation and cooling; The industrial large fan uses a large area of low-speed operation, which can quickly discharge the hot air and moisture inside the workshop and reduce the temperature inside the workshop, thereby creating a comfortable working environment. And compared with traditional fans, the energy consumption of industrial large fans is very low, only 1.3 degrees of electricity per hour, can cool the area of about 1000 square meters, save energy for enterprises, reduce expenses.

The working principle of the scheme is to exhaust the indoor air with high temperature, odor and smoke, while replacing the outdoor natural air in, which has the advantage of ventilation and exhaust effect. At the same time, the program is a relatively low operating cost of the program, for large plant area, want to save costs of enterprises is the only choice.

Reasonable use of printing equipment

1. The best room temperature for using printing equipment is 15 ~ 29 ° C. In these hot days, cooling means such as fans and air conditioners are also essential. At the same time, once the printing equipment is found to have abnormal heat dissipation, it must be timely ventilated and cooled or shut down the machine for adjustment;

2. Due to the hot temperature, the machines that need to be opened will also increase, here it is reminded to do a good job of indoor cooling printing companies early, try not to plug all plugs into a plug, so as to avoid unnecessary dangers. Printing press and computer can be equipped with a strip, air conditioning, fan and other temperature control equipment can be equipped with a strip, remember that the machine can not be mixed;

3. When the first autumn rain fails to fall, the autumn is drier than the summer, here to remind you to pay attention to static electricity, dry ink, the ground is always sprinkled with water, indoor air is not dry, ground static electricity early prevention;

4. After the first rain of autumn, the dry climate in the north will be relieved, while the south may directly change to a humid climate. Excessive drying will damage the print head, while excessive moisture will affect the color of the finished product and will cause adhesion when the printing ink cannot be dried in time. It is recommended to use cold air fans and dehumidifiers to solve the problem.

5. In order to avoid the above problems, it is best to be equipped with temperature and humidity monitoring instruments in the factory, to check and adjust at any time, to avoid print head damage, circuit boards and components due to moisture erosion.

Maintain print head in time

Sprinkler is the most critical wearing parts, the price is also very expensive, high temperature in summer, you can maintain the sprinkler from the following aspects.

1. Regular ink maintenance every day, when feeling the ink on the surface of the nozzle can not be wiped off, wipe with cleaning liquid immediately, to achieve the purpose of moisturizing, the higher the accuracy of the nozzle, the more attention to maintenance.

2. Use original ink or designated ink as much as possible to reduce the risk of problems.

3. The summer temperature is too high, the ink is easy to dry, after the digital printing equipment is turned on, it is necessary to print the test strip first to check whether the nozzle is blocked before it can be formally put into production.

4. The machine must be safely grounded. In case of thunderstorms, turn off the printer and do not operate it to avoid damage to the machine caused by lightning.

5. When printing materials containing static electricity, it is necessary to remove static electricity (wipe with water or alcohol), and install static electricity eliminator if necessary. Printing magnetic materials must remove magnetic printing, otherwise stop printing immediately.

6. When printing sheet metal, turn off the static eliminator.

In summary, for the printing plant, these measures can not only improve the working environment of workers, but also play a protective role in the equipment, so as to improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and bring more benefits to the development of enterprises.
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