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This article understands various print bleeding position Settings

Time:2023-12-27 Views:456
At the time of production, we are divided into design size and finished product size, the design size is always larger than the finished product size, and the big edge is to be cut off after printing, and the part to be printed and cut off is called bleeding or bleeding.

Bleeding location

① The printed goods to be cut must be made with blood and cutting lines;

② The finished product of the size of the business card must be 2mm bleeding, and the double-sided printing must be positive and negative cutting lines;

③ Finished products that exceed the size of business cards must be 3mm bleeding;

④ Machine cutting, must do 2mm~3mm bleeding (new note: if the background color is the same, it can also be cut across);

⑤ Manual cutting, must be done across the board.

Note: The finished product is less than 25mm and cannot be cut normally.

Various books bleed reference

① The softcover/perfect binding book must be made white in the back of seal 2, seal 3 and 5mm of the back, and do 3mm of bleeding;

 No blood must be made on the middle line of the saddle stitch binding book;

③ The spiral/wire-o binding book must be surrounded by 3mm bleeding;

④ Hardcover book: the width must be added 3mm on the basis of the finished size of the inner core, the height must be unchanged on the basis of the finished size of the inner core, the spine must be added 5mm on the basis of the thickness of the inner core, the soft back must be done 10mm, and the bleeding must be done 10mm~20mm;
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